5 Things For Your Friend Who Just Had a Baby

As any mama knows, the first two weeks of your baby’s life (or in my case, the first two YEARS) are chaotic, messy, and leave you craving lots and lots and lots of mom juice.

Much like Baby, all Mom and Dad really need those first few weeks is to sleep, eat, and go to the bathroom (if only it was socially acceptable for new parents to wear diapers…) What I found perhaps most daunting was the “eat” part, as I had hardly enough energy to bring a spoon of ice cream to my mouth and I usually ended up falling asleep before it wound up there. My friends and family helped keep me and my husband fed through those grueling first few weeks, which leads me to number one…

  1. Show them some love through a Meal Train: If the new mom and dad in your life are anything like my husband and me, they will be easily contented through a simple prepared meal. My friends put together a Meal Train, which lets everyone the new parents know have an option to sign up for a night where they can bring them a full meal. Some of my friends would drop off the meal at the front door and text me in case the baby (or I) was sleeping, but others would use drop off as an opportunity to meet the baby. All we had to do was throw a plate in the microwave and voila, we were fed. It was a lifesaver and made us feel whole.
#1: Start a Meal Train for New Parent
pexels-photo-254908 (1).jpeg
#2: Coffee, coffee, coffee

2. Bring coffee, LOTS and LOTS of COFFEE: If you’re going to visit a new baby, you can’t go empty handed. And when you’re a new parent, as aforementioned, you’re very, very tired, so even those who don’t partake in coffee usually will beg for a double, skinny, sugar free, no foam latte. Text your friend to see what kind of espresso settles their caffeine fix, or just wing it and bring an extra large coffee with cream and sugar packets to go.

#3: Bring Baby a Gift…to get him to sleep!

3. Gifts for Baby: We’ve gotten the food and drink out of the way, but we can’t forget Baby! One must-have for Baby that you can read more about in this earlier post is the HALO sleepsack. Since newborn babies don’t have many needs in the way of toys, most must-have new Baby gifts center around keeping Baby asleep. If Dad and Mom are anything like us, they have no idea there is such a thing as the Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer, White. Imagine you could be the hero to introduce it to them! This baby got my Baby to sleep in 10 seconds flat, as I sat on the couch delirious, surfing for something to binge-watch. Other helpful items that Mom and Dad may not know about and will be a hit in those first few weeks? Pacifier clips, like these Deblan Pacifier Clip, 3 Unique Modern Design for Girls and Boys, Fits All Pacifiers and Teething Soother Styles . (NOTE: you don’t want the baby to sleep in their bassinet or crib with the pacifier clip on). Of course, you will need some pacifiers to go with them – these were the ones we preferred: Philips AventBPA Free Soothie Pacifier, 3+ months, Green, 2 Count. The ones with plastic clips are best, as the metal clips eventually become hazards when Baby starts teething.

4. Give Mom and Dad an Hour (or two) of Sleep: On the topic of sleep, you will be mom and dad’s favorite person in the world if you offer to come over for an hour or two to watch Baby as they take a little snooze. Even if they don’t sleep – they may want to take a walk to get some fresh air, or go to the market without a kid in tow – that time to have to their own will be precious and they will thank you ten-fold. And if you have time to do a load of laundry for them, that may even buy you a snuggle with Baby.

5. Send Mom and Dad a Care Package: If you don’t have the luxury of being nearby Mom, Dad and Baby, send them a package to show you care, replete with candy, chips, protein bars, ear plugs, and magazines. Throw in an Amazon gift card, and they’ll be able to keep the love going for those next few months of sleepless nights. In a rush? Get free one-day shipping for your gift card: Shop Amazon Gift Cards. Any Occasion. No Expiration.

These are just suggestions of course, but most importantly, new moms and dads just want to know others love and care for their new precious angel. Anything you can do to help will be appreciated, as long as you know your boundaries and don’t ring the doorbell at any time. Remember, babies sleep most of the day, and if you wake them up- or mama and dada with them- you may be banished from the premises until they’re a toddler 🙂


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