Savor (most) moments

Savor (most) moments

Today was a good day. Since I work part-time, I get two days a week with Baby at home. Mostly, we stay in, I do a little work, and Baby eats, sleeps, reads, does his walking exercises, plays, yells at his mama…and, okay okay watches sesame street on the ipad. We even took a field trip today to get coffee for mama and a cake pop for Baby, and we sat for 20 minutes watching the cars go by and eavesdropping on other people’s conversations (maybe that was just me?)

I’ll be honest, I want to savor every moment because everyone says how fast it goes by and goodness knows EVERYONE I meet likes to remind me of it. But the reality is that some moments I don’t catch or don’t savor. Some moments I catch Baby looking up at me to see if I’m paying attention as I guiltily look up from my phone after answering a client’s email. Some moments, frankly, I just want to watch some Hoda and Kathy Lee saying outlandish things and not read the Vroom book to Baby for the 4th time. Some moments, I’m so tired from the day, that I don’t notice when Baby is standing up on his own like we’ve been hoping he would.

But, guess what I’ve realized? Most moments, I am watching him, so grateful for this miracle that God has bestowed on us I could cry. Most moments, I tell him I love him and give him cuddles and smooches. Most moments, I am playing race cars with him, or picking him up when he falls, or cheering him on when he gets that much closer to taking steps on his own. It’s the sum of the moments that matters to me.


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