Losing weight after Baby: 3 social media accounts that helped me

Losing weight after Baby: 3 social media accounts that helped me

My severe pre-eclampsia caused me to bloat up by about 30 pounds of water weight during pregnancy which I lost in a single day after Baby was born. Unfortunately, the extra 10 pounds I gained through eating pizza, pasta, and ice cream were not so forgiving. Add to that an extra 20-30 pounds I was already carrying pre-pregnancy and we’ve got some stubborn fat that I knew needed to be gone before the next pregnancy. As any mom who’s juggling a newborn’s crazy sleep schedule knows, finding the time (and more importantly, the energy) to get fit and healthy is a daunting task. That’s why the convenience and ease of listening to podcasts and following Instagram accounts became a game-changer. Podcasts could be listened to as I fed Baby, Instagram could be checked as I walked from his nursery back to my bed to get sleep.

The first thing I did after pregnancy was heal. For a long, long time. I had a pretty traumatic labor that I won’t recount here, but it led to a number of postpartum emotional and mental complications. This meant a period of healing and renewal. I wish I could say it lasted only a few weeks, but it’s really only in the last 8 months that I’ve garnered the energy to jumpstart the process of getting healthy. I want to do my very best not to have an unhealthy pregnancy this next time around, and for me, the work starts before the stick turns blue. So, I’ve turned to podcasts and Instagram to help me in my journey to get and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the 3 online personalities/accounts that have motivated me over the last 6+ months to get healthy and why:

(1) Primal Potential (podcast)– This woman is my online guru. She has realized that more important than telling you to work out more and eat fewer carbs is re-thinking your perspective on nutrition and changing your mindset on life in general. She walks her listeners through this transformation by educating them on everything from how hormones affect fat loss to why eating carbohydrates at breakfast should not be part of your fat loss approach. Her personal story is remarkable (she has lost 150 pounds or so), but her spirit is even more so. She has honestly given me a whole new perspective on becoming healthy, and happy, and I can’t recommend her podcast enough. She also has another 2-minute daily podcast called “Daily Motivations” that I subscribe too AND she is even now on Anchor, a cool new app that is almost like Insta-stories but for audio.

(2) Diary of a Fit Mommy (blog & Instagram account)- Sia Cooper has a big online presence, with a blog, shop, e-courses, etc, but my favorite thing about her is she posts quick and relatively easy to understand (though they may be difficult to execute!) exercises in video-format on her Instagram account. The backdrop is her driveway while her babies nap and involve no equipment. She also talks about having insecurities (even though she is hella fit) and is pretty open and honest with her followers, which I like.

(3) Fit Moms of IG (Instagram account)- It was through the Fit Moms account that I found Sia’s account- Fit Moms curates videos of a handful of pre- and post-natal moms, often working out with their children in their arms or nearby. Some of the moms just make me feel bad about myself, to be frank, as they can do insane things with their bodies, like hanging from the ceiling or lifting their kids with their legs and doing handstands 🙄. But what I like about it is that I can learn new, fun workouts in 30-second snippets that I can do literally anywhere (kitchen, hallway, bathroom even….) with my baby by my side.

While I don’t profess to be an expert in nutrition or fitness, as a non-expert I feel these three accounts/personalities have been so helpful in motivating me I hope they can be a help to you in your fitness journey too.


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