Visit to the Library: Watch Your Forehead!

Visit to the Library: Watch Your Forehead!

Yesterday, Grandma and Mama took Baby to the library on a hot August day. Baby used to LOVE books- we’ve read them to him since day one, mostly to keep ourselves from falling asleep or becoming zombies, but also to teach him to love them. And until recently, he did. But now that he’s mobile and into interactive play, he’d rather take all of his books out of his bookshelf and individually put them back in, over and over again, than peacefully sit as we read to him. He also only wants two books if any, so cue the repetition of toddlers.

Anywho, at the library, he decided to showcase his ability to take out each and every book from the bottom shelf, but refused to let us read him one. Then, as I tried to pull him away from the shelf, it happened. Baby was standing and he fell against the shelf as he was getting to his bottom, biting his lip on the way down. Cue the tears and screaming. In the library. Where it’s quiet. Through the judgmental stares, I pulled out a snack and picked Baby up and miraculously he was cured and smiling again. Phew.

This is all to say, if Baby didn’t like reading before, I hate to think what he thinks of it now.

Any other mamas out there with babies who’ve suddenly snubbed their noses at reading? What have you done to get their reading mojo back? Or is it just a wait it out situation? 



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